High Temperature/ Fired heaters

Isotex is leader in design and manufacturing of Thermal fluid heaters (Fired Heaters) suitable for Thermal fluid, synthetic type upto 400 degree Celcius.

Isotex is having over 30 years of experience in design of thermic fluid systems with over 6500 installations.Fired heaters have been built to exacting standards laid out by the user industry and in conformance to American Petroleum Institute codes like API 560 , API 530 etc.Heaters can be designed suitable for various thermal fluids such as Therminol 66 & VP1, Dowtherm, Bayer Diphil etc.

Various fuels include Gas - Natural gas, Refinery gas, Off gases, Stripper column off gas, Liquids - Diesel, Furnace oil, Bunker oil, Heavy oil in the process industry, grease, crude oil. Isotex offers special plants for coal/biomass fuels.The design of heaters is highly Modularized to provide quick construction at site.The heaters used in the OIL & GAS industry for UP STREAM & DOWN STREAM USERS segment. The heaters in the Chemical & Petrochemical Plants are for heating fluids.

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VAPOUR phase heaters for Synthetic Oil / Mineral Oil vaporisers PROCESS industry heaters, Steam superheaters, Charge heaters, Start up heaters, LIQUID phase heaters for Mineral oils / Synthetic oils, Molten salt heaters.

Various applications include: Crude pumping stations, Tank farm heating, Hot oil heaters on Gas turbine exhaust or incinerator exhaust, Water glycol heaters, Steam flood boilers.

Hot Oil Heater Units & Dowtherm Vaporisers Heaters operating at over 92% efficiency, Capacity ranges available from 2 MMKcals/Hr upto 25 MMKcals/Hr capacity, Experience of handling all types of Mineral/synthetic oils, Design flexibility of using various codes, Configurations offered in Horizontal or vertical designs Package includes complete instrumentation, associated piping & Thermal fluid handling systems.


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